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Thor Vilhjálmsson

Thor Vilhjálmsson is one of Iceland´s most acclaimed writers. Thor Vilhjálmsson drew and painted all his life, seeking inspiration primarily from landscape and nature. His drawings and paintings are in the same spirit as the dramatic descriptions of nature in his authorship, often showing people and horses emerging from the black lava and barren landscape.  

Some motifs reappear again and again in Thor Vilhjálmsson´s work, one of them being the bird, a symbol of freedom and eroticism. Another is of a man or a woman standing on the shore watching a ship sail in the far distance, expressing atmosphere of longing and regret or what can not be reached. Is it love? Unfulfilled dreams? Or is it about the man who always stands alone? 

The woman and the female body is an endless source of inspiration for Thor Vilhjálmsson, but first and foremost it is the Icelandic landscape that inspires him, with emerging faces, kissing rocks, horses and men, visions of present and past.